Greatwood Service Reminder – Jan. 8, 2021

The City of Sugar Land is working diligently to process cart size exchange requests from residents. As such, we have asked that these residents keep their carts accessible to allow the exchanges to be completed in a timely manner.

As we conclude the first month of new solid waste service for Greatwood, we would like to remind residents of a few collection guidelines.

  • All collection services will take place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Carts should be at the curb during that time to ensure they are serviced;
    • In an effort to ease the transition, Republic Services has been sending an additional collection truck through the neighborhood to manually collect garbage bags at the curb. Beginning next week, this additional collection will no longer be provided. Please make sure all items are placed within the garbage and recycle carts for collection.
  • Carts should be placed with the wheels against the curb and the lids closed. Be sure your carts are at least 3 feet away from each other and any obstacles to allow access for the collection vehicles;
  • Your garbage, recycling and green waste will be collected by different trucks. Please note that you will see these vehicles in the area on the designated collection days; and
  • Residents should follow the new collection schedule as shown on the magnet provided to each household. Residents can also utilize MyNeighborhood to view their collection schedule.

For questions please contact 3-1-1 or 281-275-2900, or email