Solid Waste, Recycling, Bulk and Green Waste Services Update

Latest Update on Solid Waste, Recycling, Bulk and Green Waste Services

The city of Sugar Land continues to work closely with Republic Services to address the increased volume of green waste and debris caused by Winter Storm Uri. Communities throughout the region are facing similar challenges with green waste and bulk waste collections. The tremendous amount of materials being left at curbs has resulted in longer wait times at landfills (more than 60 percent longer than normal), which reduces the amount of time trucks are available to drive city streets.

In an effort to allow Republic Services to return to their normal collection schedules, we are utilizing a debris contractor to further assist in collecting the increased volume of material being set out for service. As of March 15, Republic Services resumed their normal collection schedule, providing once a week green waste collection and once a month bulk waste collection, along with normal garbage and recycling services.

Despite activating the debris contractor, we are still seeing increased volumes of green waste being placed out for collection. The collection crews have indicated that though they may complete service in an area, they continue to see residents place additional material out after service has been rendered. We anticipate that this increase in volume will persist for several weeks as residents continue to address their landscape needs following the freezing weather. This increase in volume is in addition to the normal seasonal increase we already experience and plan for annually in the early spring.

City staff continue to conduct debris assessments this week to identify areas throughout the City that have higher volumes of green waste out for collection and to assist in allocating our contractor resources. Republic Services is also committed to providing additional resources to further increase the volume of material that can be collected daily.

We are aware that green waste collection delays continue to be experienced throughout the City; however, collection crews are returning to any incomplete areas within the following 24 to 48 hours to render service. Find your full collection schedule using MyNeighborhood.

Did You Know?

During Hurricane Harvey, the city collected approximately 2,000 cubic yards of debris from isolated areas where just over 200 homes were damaged by the flood. This smaller geographic area and lesser quantity made the recovery more easily managed by providing two collection passes through each impacted area.

As a result of Winter Storm Uri, we have already collected over 9,000 cubic yards of debris including construction and demolition debris, green waste and other bulk material. Immediately after the storm we suspended green waste in order to prioritize the removal of debris caused by broken pipes that occurred in over 300 residences across the city.

The increase in dead vegetation being set out for collection has further impacted a time of year that normally sees an increased volume of green waste collections.

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