Residential and Vehicle Security Tips

The Holidays are in full swing.  Every year during this period the police department sees an increase in residential and vehicle burglaries. Please take a moment to review the following tips to help prevent home and vehicle burglary.  Hopeful we can prevent some of the burglaries before they occur. Remember you should always maintain an active role in your security:

Lock and Reinforce Your Doors

While this piece of advice may seem like a no-brainer, it is worth reminding.  One common way for burglars to gain entry into a home is to kick the door.  To counteract this, there is a simple addition you can make to your door frame that will make it much harder to kick.  An “Extended Strike Plate” will add strength and stability to the door frame and make it much harder to kick the door open.  These only cost approximately $10-15 at your local hardware store.  Be sure to use 3” screws when installing the strike plate!

Use Your Alarm

You are paying for it, don’t waste your money by not setting it!  An alarm with a short delay time of 30 seconds or less will alert authorities of a break in much faster than finding your home burglarized when you get home.  Please have your alarm company contact the Sugar Land Police via 281-275-2020 as soon as they receive the activation instead of calling the house line first.

Pay Attention

You know your neighbors better than we do.  If you see or hear something suspicious, please call the Sugar Land Police Department immediately at 281-275-2020.  We catch more burglars thanks to the watchful eyes of good neighbors!!!

Lock It or Lose It

Vehicles are burglarized every day.  This is a crime of opportunity and nothing less.  Whether at home or out shopping, don’t just hide valuables in your car, remove them!  Lock doors and make your vehicle look “new” by removing everything from the interior when you park.  Lock your doors every time; often thieves will check door handles just to see if they are open, without breaking a window which would attract attention.

Stash Before – Not After – You Park

Get in the habit of putting shopping bags, purses, laptop bags or gym bags in the trunk before you leave rather than after you park at your destination.  Thieves regularly linger in parking lots looking for valuables being moved out of sight.  Don’t display to them what you have.