Potential Scam Alert from the City of Sugar Land Police Department

Potential Scam

The Sugar Land Police Department would like to educate everyone on sham workers claiming to need access to a home to check water pressure, “check the water for Covid-19,” or other cover stories.

If a stranger comes to your door, don’t open the door. Instead, speak to them through the locked door. If you find their behavior or story suspicious, call the non-emergency number 281-275-2020 to request an officer come check it out.

In the meantime, here’s how to spot a real city utility employee — protocol for our customer service technicians interacting with City residents:

  • Technicians will only be dispatched to a private residence if a resident has called us about a leak, sewer stoppage, or other issue.
  • Our technicians wear either a blue uniform with a visible City logo or a blue t-shirt with a visible City logo.
  • All employees carry a City badge.
  • Employees will be driving a white City truck with a blue City logo visible.
  • Employees will not request access to a resident’s home. Employees will only enter a residence if a resident asks the employee to do so.
  • Employees do not ask for water samples from inside a home. Employees will only gather water samples from an outside faucet.
  • In response to COVID-19, all employees have been instructed to practice social distancing when interacting with residents.