COVID Vaccine Information

Mayor Joe R. Zimmerman encourages everyone to get a COVID vaccine when it becomes available. The city of Sugar Land continues to work with our regional health care authorities to ensure we remain informed of issues that impact the safety of our community. This includes the distribution of new vaccines that will keep our community safe and help return us to a more normal way of life sometime this year.

Link to Mayor Zimmerman’s video message.

For vaccination distribution updates, visit

The following link allows citizens to pre-register for COVID-19 vaccines that will be provided by the Fort Bend County health department:

The county doesn’t have the vaccines but expects to receive them soon. Citizens should visit the county’s website to determine eligibility. This would be good information to share.

Please note: While Fort Bend County is no longer accepting pre-registration applications for the vaccine at the moment, residents are encouraged to check back here ➡️ for more information on COVID-19 vaccines and when the preregistration form reopens.

More information and resources are available at: