Urgent Notice from Judge Herbert

Fort Bend County Judge Hebert has just issued a voluntary evacuation order for many neighborhoods in Fort Bend County including Greatwood. The National Weather Service is projecting the Brazos River will rise to unprecedented levels. If the Brazos River reaches the projected levels (59′ at the City of Richmond gauge), there will be less than 1 foot of freeboard between the Greatwood levee and the flood waters. it is possible the River will reach the top of the Greatwood levee in certain locations. The expected time for the River to reach this level is Tuesday evening. Our concern is if the projected levels are actually higher, the Brazos River could exceed the height of the levee. Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 11 is taking all precautions to protect against breaches of our levee, but you should carefully consider your family’s safety and individual circumstances in this situation. It is impossible to predict the actual River levels and its potential impact on the Greatwood community. IF the levee breaches or overtops, it will be impossible to exit Greatwood at that time. Please continue to listen to local media as well as the Fort Bend County OEM website. At this time evacuations are only voluntary.