Update from the City of Sugar Land Regarding the Governor’s Announcement

Update from the Governor, April 27 – Abbott Announces Next Steps to Open Texas

This afternoon (Apr. 27), Governor Abbott gave an update on his plan to reopen Texas. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Beginning May 1st, the following will go into effect:
    • All retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and malls may reopen at 25% occupancy
    • All museums and libraries can reopen but interactive exhibits must remain closed at 25% occupancy
    • All hospitals must reserve 15% capacity for coronavirus patients
    • Sole proprietors and all licensed health professionals may return to work
    • Churches and places of worship may expand
    • Outdoor sports that can be limited to under 4 participants may reopen
    • The Governor’s orders will supersede all local orders

The Governor notes this update is granting permission for businesses to open, but not requiring them to open. Owners of the businesses outlined above can choose whether or not to open.

At this time, health officials recommend the following don’t open just yet, however the Governor says he hopes they can reopen by Mid-May:

  • Barber shops
  • Hair salons
  • Bars
  • Gyms

Safely opening Texas for business requires us to remain #Inthistogether by continuing to practice social distancing, good hand-washing habits, and wearing a mask in public.