Overnight Vehicle Burglaries

We had a rash of overnight vehicle burglaries reported along Silent Forest Drive and Wood Song Court.

It looks like they followed the typical M.O. of a night time car burglary. The suspects either park or have an accomplice wait in the car at the end of the block while they walk the street checking for unlocked doors. When they find a car door unlocked they will rummage through and take any valuables.

Using this method they can potentially get into a half dozen cars on the same street in a very short time. We have all been stuck at home and had a low incident of this type of crime recently which is a good thing but it does lead to comfort and complacency.

As a result I would like to remind everyone to lock their cars and remove all valuables. By taking these really simple steps we can nearly erase this type of crime. It’s impossible for a burglar to steal something that isn’t there.

Any help you could give me in getting that message out would be awesome, while we work on tracking down the suspects in these most recent burglaries.


Stuart Sanderson
Police Officer, Sugar Land Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit, Beat 6