National Night Out

The occupation of Police Officer necessitates meeting a lot of people every day. Most of the time the circumstance under which an Officer meets people are not great. Most of the people Officers talk to are having the kind of bad day that they will remember for a long time. That being said when Police Officers are presented with an opportunity to meet new people under positive circumstances they usually jump at the chance. That is the kind of opportunity National Night Out provides for us. National Night Out was organized several years back as a way for police departments across the nation to get together with the communities they serve. The concept is simple; anyone who wants to hosts a party, invites their neighbors, and the Police Officers who serve the neighborhood can stop by and visit. There are many benefits to throwing a National Night Out party. Getting to know your neighbors builds a safer, more tightly knit community. Allowing Police Officers the chance to learn more about the people and the community where they work helps them serve it better. Plus, it’s a socially acceptable reason to have a party on a Tuesday. This year National Night Out is being held on October 2nd . Hosting a party can be as extravagant or as laid back as you and your neighbors choose to make it. Anyone interested in hosting a National Night Out party please go to the following link and register your party:

By registering your party, it helps us to coordinate Officers to come by and visit. We really like to try and get to as many parties as we can. To help make the party a success we will also bring out some t-shirts and other giveaways for the party host if you get your party registered. Please don’t hesitate to call (281-275-2226) if you have any questions and we hope to see everyone October 2nd .

Stuart Sanderson
Police Officer
Sugar Land Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit
Beat 6