Greatwood Residential and Non-Residential Permanent Zoning – A Message from the City of Sugar Land

As you may be aware, we are continuing the permanent zoning of Greatwood Areas. This is Phase V and we would like to notify the Greatwood HOA of the upcoming public hearing at the Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting on Tuesday, December 10th. The public hearing will be for the permanent zoning of commercial areas along east of Crabb River Road and north/south of Sansbury Boulevard. These areas currently have interim commercial zoning and our recommendation for most properties is to be zoned Neighborhood Business (B-1) due to the adjacency to residential and two properties General Business (B-2) as they are surrounded by commercial development.

The public hearing notice and a letter was mailed to property owners of property included in the permanent zoning, as well as all property owners who are within 200 feet of the commercial properties. More information is available on our website.