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Community Project Update
November 23, 2016

The budget and subsequent contracts for the 3 acre/Rec 3 projects have been approved, construction is projected to begin next week. Budget numbers were either met or reduced on both of these projects.

Final approval to proceed with plans for the Community Building was given last week. Plans are for final bids to be ready late December at which time they will be reviewed and hopefully approved and released for construction. The original/approved building came in over budget and after months of negotiating the committee was not able to reach that number. Once the City of Sugar Land formalized the annexation the MUD was able to adjust their budgets realizing additional funds that could be used to supplement approved HOA expenditures as described during the initial process. With those additional funds the budget for the original building was met and approved for release to the architect who is in the process of drawing up the plans.

There will be an apx 400 sf storage space that will include a stairway and a dumbwaiter to allow for HOA storage. This will not alter the elevation of the building. The storage space was always included in discussions during design. One important issue is that there will not be any windows in this space facing the “rear” of the building (towards the tennis courts). There may be a window at the front facing the parking lot. This will be discussed more once we have plans to review.

Plans for the Community Center Building, Pool #3 and the 3 Acre Recreation Area are in full swing. The Board of Directors has been going through the planning process for the past several month, including reviewing studies, preforming site visits, and answering questions. Documents provided throughout this process can be viewed below.

Community Project Committee Minutes

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Community Project Documents

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